Craps Dice Setting and Control: Top 9 Best Craps Dice Sets

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Craps is a fun and exciting game that involves rolling a pair of dice on a table. 

While it is primarily a game of chance, many players believe they can influence the outcome of the dice roll through dice setting and control. 

In this guide, we will explore the techniques and strategies for achieving better craps dice setting and control, allowing you to play like a pro.

Let’s get started.

craps dice setting and dice influence

Dice Control vs. Random Rolls

Traditionally, dice rolls are random.

Players cannot involve themselves in games of craps without losing cash because they play by the rules and house edge established by the casino. 

However, acquiring proper dice control and developing a particular throwing technique can help secure a win.

The primary benefit of craps dice control is that the dice may roll longer, which gives a chance to secure an increased number of wins. 

However, players should know they will lose cash when playing against casinos and following their rules. 

Please note

You should understand the whole picture to get closer to winning craps games in the long run. 

You need to exercise control over the dice, the way you throw them, the environment, and the other players.

Fortunately, there are specific dice control techniques that you can use to influence the outcome of the game.

 Let’s dive into the details!

What is Craps Dice Setting?

Dice setting is arranging the dice in a particular way before you roll them. It is one of the primary ways to influence the game’s outcome. 

There are various types of dice sets for craps that you can use to control the dice and make sure they come out of your hand simultaneously, carry out the same spins in the air, land together on the table, and bounce off it.

How to Set the Dice

craps dice setting and dice control

The setting is how you position the dice in your hand before throwing them. There are various types of craps dice setting techniques, which we will discuss in detail later on.

Before that, it’s essential to know the 3 main components of controlling the dice:

  1. Dice Setting
  2. Grip
  3. Delivery

We’ve already covered dice setting, now let’s move to the other 2 important aspects:


The grip is the pressure that you apply to the dice as you hold them in your hand. Depending on your gripping style, you can hold the dice with two or five fingers.

To make craps dice control useful, you should ensure that your grip is the same every time you roll the dice.


The delivery of the dice is as crucial as throwing them. 

The dice should hit the backside of the table, but players should control the direction, the speed, and the spin. 

To maximize the chances of success, you should throw the dice, in the same manner every time you shoot.

Top 9 Best Craps Sets You Should Use

Most beginners are looking for a dice control craps dice setting chart. Well, I thought of a simplified way to help you understand the basics.

Here is a list of the 9 best dice sets in craps:

best craps dice sets for dice control

1. Hardway Set 

hardways dice set

This dice set is suitable for beginner to intermediate shooters who can consistently and smoothly deliver. 

Experts often claim the set provides ultimate protection against hitting seven

As the name of the set suggests, it involved putting a hard-way combination on top of the dice. Thus, you put the hard ten on top (five plus five), and then the front will be a hard 6 or a hard eight. 

The bottom will consist of a hard four. 

The player can pick up any hard ways combos on the top. Remember that the parallel faces in opposite directions add up to seven, which can help you set the dice in your hand more efficiently.

2. 3V Set

the flying 3V dice set

This type of craps dice set is suitable for intermediate players and is good for hitting sixes, eights and inside numbers, characterized by a lower house edge than outside numbers. 

To position the 3V set, you must set three in the shape of a V on top of the dice. 

The faces will show eight or six. 

To perform a perfect dice roll, the two dice should have parallel alignment, spin rate, trajectories, and landing.

3. 2V Set

the 2v dice set

The 2V setting of the dice is good for hitting outside numbers, fours and tens. You need to place two and two on the top to position the dice in this particular setting. 

Thus, the front will be four, ten, five or nine. 

The setting can successfully hit an outside number if the shooter keeps the two dice on the axis, i.e., to keep the dice rotating together.

4. All 7 Set

the all 7s dice set

The All 7 Set is one of the easiest craps dice sets to remember and execute. 

To set the dice for this configuration, simply place one die with the one spot up, and the other die with the six spot up.

This creates a total of seven on the top of the dice. 

This set is known for being easy to throw and is popular among new dice influencers. 

However, it’s worth noting that the All 7 Set is not the most effective set for influencing the outcome of the roll, as it has a higher chance of rolling a seven.

5. The Crossed Sixes Set

crossed sixes dice set

The Crossed Sixes Set is a dice set that is popular among experienced dice influencers. 

This set involves crossing two dice at a 90-degree angle, with the four and one spots facing up on one die, and the three and two spots facing up on the other die. 

The resulting configuration resembles the number six. 

The Crossed Sixes Set is effective for reducing the likelihood of rolling a seven, making it a popular choice among dice influencers.

6. The Straight Sixes Set

straight sixes dice set

The Straight Sixes Set is another dice configuration that is popular among experienced dice influencers. 

To set the dice for this configuration, place both dice with the six spot facing up. This creates a total of twelve on the top of the dice. 

The Straight Sixes Set is known for being a high-risk, high-reward configuration. While it reduces the likelihood of rolling a seven, it also makes it more difficult to hit other numbers. 

This set requires a skilled throw and is recommended for experienced dice influencers.

7. The Parallel Sixes

parallel sixes dice set

The Parallel Sixes Set involves positioning both dice so that the 6 pips are facing forward on each top.

This set should only be used by experienced players during the come-out roll due to its high risk of rolling a 7.

It offers 4 possible ways to roll a 7 and the numbers 2 and 12.

It can also be used by Controlled Shooters who bet the Don’t Pass or the Field bet after the point is established. However, this set is generally not recommended except for the most experienced shooters.

8. The 6/5 – 5/4 Set

6/5 - 5/4 Dice Set

The 6/5 – 5/4 Set is an excellent choice for controlled shooters whose dice rolls consistently stay on-axis.

This set is particularly useful after the point has been established since it gives the shooter a full range across the place numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

This set offers only two ways to roll a 7.

However, novice players or less consistent shooters may struggle with this set and may find themselves running into trouble with the seven.

9. The 6/5 – 5/6 Set

6/5 - 5/6 Dice Set

For the come-out roll, the 6/5 – 5/6 Set is a personal favorite for many experienced players.

With consistency, a come-out strategy utilizing the 7 and 11 on your Pass Line bet and combining that with a Whirl bet can lead to significant rewards.

This set offers four 7s, two 11s, one 12, one 2, and the 4 and 10 Hardways.

Keep in Mind

The benefits of each result are dependent on your ability to keep the dice on-axis throughout the toss and after hitting the diamonds on the back wall and coming to rest.

Why Dice Control is Important?

Controlling the dice is essential to improving your game and can significantly differentiate between winning and losing.

However, it is essential to note that most rolls are random, and you cannot win every time you play.

Dice control is a craps dice-setting technique that helps players exercise control over the dice when they throw them, giving them a chance to improve their chances of winning. 

Key Takeaway

Controlling the dice during a game of craps gives players an edge over other participants because they can throw the dice to skew the mathematical odds in their favor.

The primary benefit of craps dice control is that the dice may roll for a longer time, giving the shooter a chance to secure increased wins.

Please Note

Good crap dice control does not guarantee that you will beat the casino and continue winning. This is a highly common myth in craps.

Casinos make their money by having a mathematical edge, and they set their games accordingly. Even the most skilled craps players will lose cash when playing against casinos and following their rules.

Expert Advice on Dice Setting in Craps

jake wilfred author photo

Dice control, also known as dice setting, is a theory that has existed for a long time. 

The concept of precision shooting has given craps a new level of excitement, elevating the game from a random game of chance to a sport that requires skill and strategy. . 

However, the idea of dice control in craps is controversial, with many within the advantage gambling community still doubting if it can overcome the house advantage in craps.

Controlled Shooting

Controlled shooting is a technique that goes beyond just setting the dice before shooting.

It involves limiting the rotational characteristics of the dice

The concept is that by properly gripping and tossing the dice at the correct angle, they will land just before the back wall of the craps table, gently touch the wall, and increase the probability of remaining on the same axis. 

If executed correctly and consistently, this technique can change the game’s long-term odds from the house’s favor to the player’s favor.

Notable Proponents of Dice Control

Several authors and experts have contributed to discussing dice control in craps. 

Chris Pawlicki, the author of Get the Edge at Craps: How to Control the Dice, explains the math and science behind dice control. 

Stanford Wong, a well-known advantage player and gaming author, discusses dice control in his book Wong on Dice.  You can find more craps books in my dedicated article

Pawlicki and Jerry L. Patterson co-developed PARR (Patterson Rhythm Roll) in 1997, which claims to be the first course on how to set and control dice.

Debate Over Dice Control

While some experts believe that dice control is a valid strategy, others disagree. 

Jim Klimesh, director of casino operations for Indiana’s Empress Casino Hammond, believes it is sometimes possible to control the dice with certain throws that do not hit the back wall of the craps table. 

One example is the “army blanket roll,” named after the playing surface of the dice games of American servicemen during World War II. 

In the army blanket roll, a player sets the dice on an axis and gently rolls or slides them down the table.

If the shooter is successful, the dice will not leave the axis they are rolled on and will come to rest before hitting the back wall.

 A successful shooter would affect the odds significantly.

However, most casinos require that the dice touch the wall for a throw to be valid. 

Key Takeaway

The chances of altering the odds when the dice bounce off a surface of rubber pyramids are much slimmer, no matter what axis the dice were on before they hit. 

Dice control proponents advocate for a throw that gently bounces off of the back wall and comes to rest after barely touching it. 

Experiments have been conducted on dice control, but the results have been inconclusive.


Craps dice setting and control is a controversial technique that requires a lot of practice and skill. 

While it is not a guaranteed way to win at craps, it can increase a player’s odds of winning if executed properly. 

Whether or not you believe in craps dice control, it is an exciting way to add another level of strategy to your craps game.

Remember to stay calm, stay focused, and always play within your means.

Good luck at the craps table!

Frequently Asked Questions on Dice Setting in Craps

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