Top 7 Must-Try Gambling Dice Games to Add to Your List

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Dice games have been a cornerstone of both casual entertainment and serious gambling for centuries. Their simplicity, combined with the thrill of chance, makes them universally appealing.

Let’s embark on a exciting journey through the top 7 most popular gambling dice games.

1. Craps: The Casino Classic

Craps is more than just a game; it’s an experience. The energy around a craps table is palpable, with players cheering, groaning, and eagerly anticipating each roll.

History of Craps

Craps evolved from the old English game of Hazard. Soldiers during the Crusades played it, and it was later introduced to America by French settlers.

Gameplay and Strategy

In Craps, players bet on the outcome of two rolled dice. While the basic premise is simple, the game offers a myriad of betting options, from the straightforward Pass Line bet to more complex proposition bets.

Mastering Craps requires a blend of understanding the odds and reading the game’s flow.

2. Hazard: The Time-Honored Dice Game

Before there was Craps, there was Hazard—a game that dates back to the 14th century and was beloved by European nobility.

The Intricacies of Hazard

In Hazard, players choose a “chance” number between 5 and 9. This number, combined with the caster’s set “main” number, dictates the game’s complexity and the odds of winning.

Cultural Impact

Hazard has been referenced in classic literature, including the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, showcasing its cultural significance.

3. Chuck A Luck: The Game of Three Dice

Often housed in a birdcage-like device, Chuck A Luck is a visual and engaging game, making it a favorite at fairs and carnivals.


Three dice are rolled, and players bet on the outcome. From betting on a specific number appearing to wagering on triples, the game offers a variety of betting options.

Origins and Evolution

Originally from England, Chuck A Luck found its way to America and quickly became a carnival staple due to its simplicity and quick rounds.

4. Klondike: The Six-Dice Challenge

Klondike is a lesser-known gem in the dice game world, offering players a unique challenge with six dice.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players roll the dice and bet on various outcomes. Certain combinations, like five-of-a-kind, yield higher payouts, making the game both challenging and rewarding.


While not as widespread as Craps, Klondike has a dedicated following, especially in North American casinos.

5. Banka Francesca: The Iberian Sensation

Originating in Portugal, Banka Francesca offers a fast-paced gaming experience with three distinct outcomes.

The Three Outcomes

Players can bet on “Small” (total dice value of 5 to 9), “Big” (14 to 18), or “Aces” (three ones).

Cultural Significance

Banka Francesca is more than just a game in Portugal—it’s a cultural institution, played fervently in casinos across the nation.

6. Sic Bo: The Ancient Game of Three Dice

With roots in ancient China, Sic Bo is a testament to the timeless appeal of dice games.

Gameplay and Strategy

Players bet on a table layout that showcases over 50 potential dice outcomes. From betting on specific triples to wagering on the total dice value, Sic Bo offers endless possibilities.

Global Appeal

While Sic Bo originated in China, its appeal is global. Today, it’s played in casinos worldwide, from Macau to Las Vegas.

7. Simplified Craps: An Introduction to the World of Dice

For those new to dice games, Simplified Craps offers an accessible entry point. It’s a popular craps variant aimed at beginner players.

Gameplay Basics

With fewer betting options and simpler rules, players can quickly grasp the game’s essence and enjoy the thrill of the roll.

Why Play Simplified Craps?

It’s the perfect game for beginners to familiarize themselves with the basics before diving into more complex dice games.


From the bustling casinos of Las Vegas to the ancient streets of China, gambling dice games have captivated the hearts and minds of players for centuries.

Their blend of chance, strategy, and sheer excitement ensures that they’ll remain a favorite for generations to come.

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