15 Best Craps Books: Unveiling the World of Dice

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Ever walked past a craps table and felt the electrifying atmosphere? The cheers, the high-fives, the sounds of dice rolling – it’s a symphony of excitement.

Craps is not just a game; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, a phenomenon. If you’re ready to dive into this world and want to gain an edge at the craps table, books are your best ally.

Let’s explore the top 15 best craps books.

Why Reading Craps Books is Beneficial

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should read craps books:

1. Gaining a Deeper Understanding

Remember that moment when a concept in school just clicked because of a great textbook or teacher?

That’s what a good craps book can do for your gameplay. It can illuminate the game’s finer points, giving you insights that might take years to grasp otherwise.

2. Improving Your Strategies

Sure, you can wing it, relying purely on luck. But wouldn’t you want to tilt the odds slightly in your favor?

By diving into expert strategies, you can refine your approach, giving you a leg up on the competition.

3. Delving into the History and Culture

The craps table isn’t just felt and dice; it’s a world of stories, superstitions, and traditions. By understanding the game’s rich history and culture, you can truly appreciate the experience, making each roll more meaningful.

The Top 15 Craps Books

Now, let’s find out the best craps books, based on my experience:

1. “Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos” by Frank Scoblete

In this masterpiece, Scoblete doesn’t just teach; he immerses you in the world of craps. The book provides invaluable insights that will resonate with beginners seeking a robust introduction and veterans hunting for refined strategies.

2. “The Dice Doctor” by Sam Grafstein

Esteemed as a classic in the gambling community, Grafstein’s book serves as an encyclopedic guide to tactics in craps. It offers insights from years of experience, making it a foundational read for anyone serious about the game.

3. “Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!” by Frank Scoblete & Dominator

A robust guide that merges theory with actionable advice. Scoblete and Dominator combine their years of expertise to provide a comprehensive book that discusses not just how to play, but how to win and dominate.

4. “Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!” by Frank Scoblete & Dominator

A truly revolutionary take on craps. This book delves deep into the art and science of dice control, challenging conventional wisdom and offering an unconventional approach to mastering the game.

5. “Forever Craps” by Frank Scoblete

More than just a guide, this book is a journey. Scoblete takes readers through his personal experiences, blending stories with strategies, making it a compelling read for anyone intrigued by the culture of craps.

6. “So You Wanna Be a Gambler: Advanced Craps” by John Patrick

Patrick’s profound expertise shines in this guide that focuses on advanced tactics. The book is designed for players who’ve moved beyond the basics and are now seeking strategies to elevate their gameplay.

7. “Craps Underground” by Frank Scoblete

A narrative that peels back the layers of the craps world, revealing the secrets of professional players and capturing the tales of legendary games. A thrilling read even if you’re not a regular at the tables.

8. “We All Pay” by Richard Munchkin

Munchkin’s offering is more than just about craps; it’s about the world of gambling. With intriguing stories, valuable strategies, and captivating insights, it’s a must-read.

9. “Throwing the Bones: A Forensic Guide to Craps” by Tracy Michigan

Michigan takes readers on an analytical journey, breaking down the game’s intricacies. This forensic approach offers fresh perspectives, making it a delightful read for enthusiasts.

10. “Craps Strategy” by Michael Benson

Benson’s book stands out for its laser focus on strategy. Packed with tips and tricks, it serves as an essential toolkit for players seeking a competitive edge.

11. “The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps” by Basil Nestor

Nestor demystifies complex strategies and distills them into easy-to-understand concepts. Ideal for both novices seeking clarity and experts needing a refresher.

12. “How to Make Your Living Playing Craps” by Larry Edell

Edell taps into the aspirations of many: turning passion into profession. This book lays down the roadmap for those dreaming of playing craps for a living.

13. “Craps: The Real Deal” by J. Phillip Vogel

Vogel offers readers a panoramic view of craps, covering its culture, strategies, and irresistible allure. A comprehensive guide for anyone captivated by the game.

14. “The Everything Craps Strategy Book” by Larry Edell

True to its title, Edell’s guide is exhaustive. It serves as a deep dive for those looking to immerse themselves in every facet of craps.

15. “Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun” by Tracy Michigan

Beyond odds and tactics, Michigan emphasizes the joy of craps. A refreshing read that reminds players of the exhilaration and camaraderie inherent to the game.

Conclusion: The Power of Knowledge in Craps

Understanding craps is like learning a musical instrument; with practice and the right resources, anyone can become a maestro.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned roller, these books can transform your gameplay, giving you the knowledge and confidence to take on any craps table.

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